Saturday, 1 February 2014

It's over!

"Unless life also hands you sugar and water,
your lemonade is going to suck."

As you may have been aware, one of my "New Year Resolutions" was to survive one month without sugar. For those obviously worried about my sanity, and how I coped with this reckless and out-of-character decision, I tracked how it went.

There was no urge to eat sugar, chocolate, or ice cream. I felt great and think that my decision to quit sugar came at the right time. Husband reminded me that this will be hard, and that I've never been able to survive more than 3 days without sugar before. I was determined to prove him wrong.

DAY 2 - 3 
The days started with headaches, causing me to believe that I may not have prepared for this "detox" in the wisest way, indulging on everything sugar-related for 2 weeks before having to give them up cold turkey.

DAY 4 - 7
I felt sad. All I could see was everything that I couldn't have, and I really missed my dear friend, sugar. I explained to the kids that I was giving up sugar for a month, and they laughed at me.

After spending 10 minutes yelling incoherently to a telemarketer, I concluded that I will not answer the phone anymore. Out of a bazillion recipes I'd found the previous day of things that I could eat, I found and baked two different kinds of Paleo muffins. One was delicious! The other one would have been delicious if it had sugar in it.

DAY 9 - 14
I distracted myself with irrational housework, including scrubbing the floors with baby wipes. I wallowed in sadness because my knees were sore and I still wasn't allowed chocolate yet. I was becoming incredibly bored with eating healthily. There's only so many ways you can cut up a carrot to make it appetising. I hated the taste of almonds, and would be happy not seeing another salad for the rest of the month.

DAY 15
Accidentally ate home-made pancakes for breakfast, and then lied about it being an accident.

DAY 16
As I baked cupcakes and biscuits for friends, a cloud of icing sugar wafted into my face. I don't remember what happened after that, but ended up on the trampoline in a tutu... I don't own a tutu.

DAY 17 - 24
really wanted ice-cream. Instead, I consumed plenty of pizza, chips, KFC, coffee & bacon, leading me to wonder if I was also addicted to fat and salt, and though that perhaps I will also go a month without fat and salt.

DAY 25
Husband allowed me a cheat day and took me out for ice-cream. What a guy. I rewarded him.

DAY 26 - 30
The end was in sight, and I would soon be able to eat lollies again. I bought some in preparation, and sat guarding them making sure no-one else ate them first.

DAY 31
I'd decided that 30 days without sugar was good enough, and ate everything in sight. Fell asleep on the couch in the foetal position holding three Barbie dolls and an empty packet of Starburst babies.

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