Monday, 22 December 2014

My husband: The birthday boy!

A few weeks ago, it was Husband's birthday! This year, his birthday had come about 2 weeks after our house was hit by lightning, and took out our air conditioning (amongst everything else we loved about our house - minus the oven). So, since he wasn't even able to actually use the gift I was getting him (an xbox game that he's waited for - because the lightning blew up the xbox console), the least I could do was make a cake!

So I made one using one of his favourite chocolates: M & M's.

Having an idea of the type of M & M's cake I wanted to make, I was able to work on it while he was out at youth group the night before his birthday. Working with chocolate, and not having air conditioning, meant that I was constantly moving the cake back and forth from the fridge, as the chocolate kept starting to melt! Frustrating, of course, but I enjoyed every second standing in front of an open fridge ;)

It was an 'anti-gravity' cake, and all but the balloon stick (which I replaced with a chopstick), and putting the M 'n' Ms on one by one (it was too hot for that, and I got impatient), and poking holes in the cake boards, and having different sized tiers, and using a different M & M's packet... Okay, okay, so I followed the basic principles in this My Cupcake Addiction tutorial:

The cake, of course, was Husband's preferred flavour of choice: Chocolate with chocolate chips (because chocolate by itself is too boring, apparently). When I'd almost reached the top of the chopstick with the M & M's, I attached the box onto the chopstick with some melted chocolate. It took a few goes to actually make it stick properly, so eventually I used a peg to hold it in place, and sat it in the fridge to set quicker.

When I was confident the box wasn't going to move, I removed the peg and filled in the gap with more M 'n' Ms and returned it quickly to the fridge. It was at that moment that I decided that I would use the side of the fridge that the cake was in, as a mini set-up for Husband's birthday, since I'd already purchased his absolute favourite drink for him, too. I lined up the cans of Cherry Coke, and added a packet of peanut M 'n' Ms (his favourite in the M & M's variety), and 'birthday cake' flavoured M 'n' Ms, because why the heck not - it was his birthday, and there is cake ;)

Due to things out of our control, though, we didn't get to eat it until the day after his birthday. But here he is - my wonderful Husband, holding his birthday cake, on our way to our neighbours & good friends' house (who have air conditioning!), for the official birthday cake cutting celebrations :)

Happy birthday Husband!!

P.S. We have since replaced the xbox, so he is able to play his new game :)

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