Wednesday, 31 December 2014


Suddenly, another year has come to an end! Generally, this means it's time to make those promises that aren't kept, and those resolutions that won't be followed through with. When I think of resolutions, I'm reminded of the three vague things I'd like to achieve in life that are basically repeated each year around this time:

- Eat healthier.
- Clean/organise my house better.
- Learn to do a back flip.

Notice that first two are positive versions of 'Stop Eating So Much Cr*p' and 'Stop Being So Damn Lazy'. Honestly, I think I'm closer to achieving the last goal.

It does make me think that I should probably renew this list of 'goals' I have for my life... One day. Perhaps once the kids go back to school when I'll have some time to myself again, I'll investigate some deep, meaningful, and potential life goals. Or I'll just steal someone else's.

Looking back through 2014, though, I was reminded of a little video I'd made containing various cupcakes and creations I'd made through that year (2012). There was quite a lot by the time I'd finished it! This year, I thought I'd choose my favourite creations- or the creations that I thought I wouldn't be able to manage- and share them on this post with you. I am proud of many of them, and I believe this year has seen many of my skills develop and change into something almost reasonable! Are any of these your favourites, too?


The Batman Cake with a sky scraper view, and Baby Boy Cupcake Toppers.


Valentine's Day Love Heart Biscuits and, with setting chocolate on a glad wrap roll, White Chocolate Tiara Cupcakes.


My first ever Mini Cupcake Bouquet, and a Cronulla Sharks Cake, complete with floating shark!


Of course, the Tangled Cake, with Pascal cake topper!


The Pink Ombre Rosette Cake I made for my mum's birthday :)


The Farewell Cake, with 'waving' hand, carefully crafted Periodic Table Cupcakes, and my completely disproportionate Rabbit Cake.


The thrice Purple Ombre Ruffle and Butterfly Cake, and my very first Tiffany's Jewellery Box Cake.


I can't miss out on adding Fondant Olaf to the list of favourites! And, of course, the classy and elegant Saxophone Cake.


An almost failed attempt at a 100s & 1000s Cake, a Purple Present Cake Stack, and finally, Rainbow Splatter Cake Take #2.


The Island and Frangipani Cake and Cruise Ship Biscuits, both made almost as soon as we returned from our holiday.


Superhero Cupcakes... with capes!


A big fat cross off my wished-to-make-list, Melting Snowman Biscuits, along with the Anti-Gravity M & M's Cake made for Husband, and my first ever Stationary Supply Cake!

It's been a GREAT year!
Thank you for being a part of it :)

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