Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I'm melting!

Well, it's officially Summer now, even though temperatures had already been reaching the mid-40s since late Spring. It was on one of these incredibly hot days recently, when I felt it was apt* to finally make some biscuits that I'd been wanting to make for ages...

* Or, I was feeling a bit bored.

Melting Snowmen!

They were really fun to create, and for a little while took my mind away from the scorching heat that was slightly overbearing. Though I didn't take any progress photos, all I used were round shortbread biscuits (though any round/oval biscuits would work fine), marshmallows, royal icing (runny-but-not-too-runny, piped all over the marshmallow and onto the biscuit), melted chocolate in a piping bag for the eyes, arms, mouths and buttons, and, some random pieces of coloured fondant for the scarves and noses.

They turned out a bit cute, and soon enough they continued to 'melt' in my kids' mouths for afternoon tea ;)

They did get a touch fiddly with the decorating part (making a face on a marshmallow with a piece of fondant in the way is not as easy as it sounds!), but it was totally worth it.

Have you also found a creative way to distract yourself from this crazy heat?

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