Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Clever cookies!

Every year, parents around the world find themselves asking the question: What can I give to the teachers of my children that's unique, because I'm competitive, but inexpensive because I don't want to re-mortgage my house every year.

Fret not, dear readers - I have a solution.

This is a simple cookie recipe using M & M's- for Magnificent and Marvellous teachers- which is an updated recipe on cookie mix jars which I've made before (this recipe is better). 

Because everyone likes cookies, right? Or at least, <cough> cookie dough.

So I got out my collection of 500g cleaned-out-and-sterilised Napoletana sauce jars, and in this order, put in:

200g self raising flour
50g white sugar
50g brown sugar
100g mini M & M's

I tampered the flour and sugars down after the brown sugar went in, and filled them up with mini M & M's (working out that it was exactly 100g). To colourfully and decoratively cover the jars, I placed on top, in this order:

Cellophane, held on with a rubber band
A balloon with it's end snipped off, stretched over the jar
More cellophane, held on with another rubber band.

Of course, it needs the rest of the recipe attached somewhere! So I made these little tags to be attached, with the 'wet' ingredients to add, and what to do if you wanted to bake them (and not just eat it straight like I do).

They were bright and colourful, and I liked that. But they needed something personalised, so I decided to pen a small ode which you can steal, or you can make up your own and not be a plagiarist:

GREEN is for the paint that might get smeared upon the wall,
RED is for the blood that spreads when someone has a fall.
PINK is for your friendly smile you bring to school each day,
ORANGE is for the harmony you create with things you say.
BLUE is for the times you’ve laughed so much you shed a tear,
BROWN is for the cr*p that you have put up with this year.
YELLOW is for the light you give, which is one of your best features.
Thank you so much for being my Magnificent ’n’ Marvellous teacher!

And to all the Magnificent & Marvellous teachers out there,
we wish you a Magnificent & Marvellous Christmas! :)

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