Sunday, 27 January 2013

Happy 'Straya Day!

Australia Day: A legal holiday in Australia commemorating
the landing of the British in 1788.

Lamington - n.
An Australian dessert made from a cube of sponge cake
covered in chocolate icing and dried coconut.

So what I've done for Australia Day this year, is combine this Australian dessert with my own passion, and so I made lamington cupcakes!

Inspired by the presentation of these White Wings Lamington Cupcakes, I decided that I would aim to create mine similarly, but make them from scratch. So using this recipe, I did just that.

I used some union jack patty cases that I found while searching the cake shop for things I needed for an upcoming birthday order - perfect!

I was all set to make these when my oven stopped working! The grill and the fan still worked, strangely, but the element to heat the oven apparently needs replacing... Devastated, but still determined to make these, I fiddled with the oven dials, hoping to get a good temperature, and managed to bake some lamington cupcakes successfully! :)

Icing them with the chocolate icing, and dipping them in coconut, I present you with lamington cupcakes:

Then I topped them with cream and jam:

And they just wouldn't be completely Australian, unless they had been branded with our flag!

Happy 'Straya Day everyone! :)

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