Thursday, 3 January 2013

Fireworks Cupcakes!

As per usual, the arrival of a new year involves fireworks. What better way to celebrate the arrival into a new year than with bright lights, big flashes, loud noises, and beautiful colours (and smoke) covering the midnight sky...

And a glass or three of wine.

My (delayed) celebration of the new year involved cupcakes
(like that's really a surprise) that were inspired by fireworks:

This idea came to me while driving back to Sydney on New Year's Eve, from our holiday in the Snowy Mountains. I imagined stars and a sparkler... That was about as far as I had gotten before the making and baking process began. With the help of a friend, the colours of the fondant stars were chosen, rolled out and cut, to then put onto toothpicks to eventually (and symmetrically) place into the cupcakes...

I mixed warm buttercream icing colours into a piping bag (to match the stars), to pipe onto the chocolate chip cupcakes (because my husband tells me that normal cupcakes are a bit boring), and then arranged the various 'firework' decorations:

All set up and ready to light!

I snipped the sparklers in half so they didn't completely tower over the cupcakes, but it meant that with one lighter, they took longer to catch, and were half out by the time the next one was lit - but it was lots of fun, and I can still see properly, so all ended well, and they tasted pretty good, too.

Welcome to 2013! :)

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