Sunday, 20 January 2013

My first wedding gig!

A few months ago, I had the honour and privilege of being asked to make cupcakes for the upcoming wedding of two friends of ours... I was excited and nervous, as this would be the biggest and most public cupcake display so far*...

Maybe it would be the most formal and elegant cupcake request so far! ... During the first meeting, the bride told me she wanted about 70 cupcakes - 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla.

'Piece of cake' I thought... So to speak.

My husband then hands her a cupcake recipe booklet that I'd (at the time) been making different flavours of cupcakes out of... You know, just to flip through and see if they wanted something a bit more 'fancy'. The chocolate was then changed to 'Cookies & Cream' (minus the cream) - a cupcake with Oreo biscuits crushed into it that I'd tried making before**.

The bride specified to me what colours of buttercream icing she wanted: ivory & pale green.

Well, the day had arrived, and I was about to make the cupcakes for the wedding! My new Breville Mixer Pro*** had never worked so hard in it's life! It was running almost non-stop for 8 hours to get these cupcakes made.

The first batch of Oreo cupcakes, ready to be baked:

A mixture of un-iced Oreo & vanilla cupcakes to send to the bride so she knew the progress of the cupcakes was under control:

Throughout the afternoon, as I kept the bride and organiser of the wedding informed of how things were going with the cupcakes, I sent through the next picture - a batch of Oreo cupcakes, iced with ivory buttercream frosting, just as the bride has specified to me that she wanted:

3 more giant batches of buttercream frosting later, and my new mixer didn't explode (well, if you don't include exploding icing sugar all over my bench top)! ... It was feeling a bit hot, though, so I gave it a small break to recover from the trauma I had put it through during the day...

Once the Oreo cupcakes were all iced with ivory buttercream, it was time to make the green icing and ice the vanilla cupcakes... I relied heavily on the photo the bride had sent to me (constantly comparing the colour of the icing to the colour on the computer screen), to make sure I got the colour exact (or as possibly close to exact as I could)! - There was no way I wanted to botch this up the day before the wedding!

And here they are - 78 cupcakes boxed and ready to be delivered to the reception venue!

I didn't see them again until the reception, where I got to look at their display on an acrylic tier, and at the cake topper that was placed on top... It was lovely, and I was especially impressed with the cake topper!

Here's a picture of the bride & groom cutting the cake:

I was thrilled to be involved with the wedding, and I wish our friends Marley & Brendan all the best as they enter both the challenging and rewarding journey through married life.

* Except, now that I think about it, the bluRopes cupcakes were pretty public...

** And thankfully succeeded!

*** The Christmas present from my husband that I had seen, wanted, chosen, & requested :)

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