Monday, 14 January 2013

" I'm on vacation "

So for the last two weeks, we've had a couple of overseas friends stay with us... For a stay-at-home mother such as myself, it's been lovely having adult conversations daily again (and someone to watch the kids if I only needed one thing from the supermarket)!

It's also meant that " I'm on vacation " became a well-known phrase in our house, excusing crazy and uncommon behaviours such as sleeping in, playing the Xbox all morning, drinking wine/beer at lunch time, playing cards all afternoon, staying up until midnight, and doing it all again the next day...

Seriously - who would want to go back to work after that anyway!

Well, sadly they did have to leave to go back to work, but because of this 'vacation' (and perhaps because I took an unplanned/unexpected vacation from baking due to having friends stay with us), I thought it would only be right to farewell them with some cupcakes!

When I think of 'vacation', I think of the beach... Or an island... So that's what I had in mind and made some palm trees with melted chocolate. On some I even added a chocolate piece to represent a coconut... Then with yellow sanding sugar and blue buttercream icing, I aimed to create the appearance of an island.

As I was icing the cupcakes, our friend from England wanted to decorate one as well. And because he was 'on vacation', I allowed him to step into my baking arena and ice some cupcakes...

I came back to see he'd added a shark fin!

I'm really looking forward to our next vacation!

... And also seeing our friends again so we can humorously excuse
certain behaviours due to being " on vacation " ;)

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