Wednesday, 25 December 2013

JOY to the WORLD!!


Late last night (of all nights) I decided to begin constructing a gingerbread house (which wasn't actually a gingerbread house, because it was made of shortbread). After seeing photos of many other gingerbread house creations, I also wanted to make one! But, different.

You may or may not remember, but I wrote about a friend's book launch I went to a few months ago for her book Wonderfully Madison. The launch day coincided with the birth of famous royal birth, Prince George, and I wrote some thoughts regarding royal births.

Thousands of years ago, God had made a promise to this guy called David, that one of his descendants would be king, and his kingdom would rule forever (see 2 Samuel 7:1-13). Christmas is the celebration of Jesus' birth- the beginning of the answer to that promise (see Matthew 1:1-25 or Luke 2:2-21). To me as a Christian, that's a pretty big deal.

This morning at church, I was reminded that Christmas isn't just about remembering Jesus' birth. He grew up into a man (a perfect man), who performed many amazing miracles; who taught his friends what it meant to follow Him; who calmed the wind and waves with his voice; and, who was beaten and killed because of humanity's rebellion against God. He was born king, and he died on the cross as king. And, he rose again, still as king, whose rule is forevermore. Christmas is just part of the incredible story of God's love for us (see the whole Bible).

So, I made this "gingerbread" house,
representing that very first Christmas Day :)

It is simple. It didn't take me that long to complete. I didn't spend hours agonising about where I am going to put all the marshmallows, Smarties, or musk sticks (and trust me, as a perfectionist - it usually does!!!).

It is purposefully simple, because God's love for us is perfectly simple (see John 3:16). And so today I proudly sing:


Merry Christmas!! :)

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