Sunday, 8 December 2013

Ohhhhh Deadpool!

Birthdays. The days that come just once a year to celebrate the anniversary of someone's birth. A day of gift giving (or receiving if it's your own), food, cake, laughter, and enjoying the company of the person who's birthday you're celebrating.

It was Husband's birthday this week! As my gift to him, I was finally discharged from hospital for the fourth time in just over a week... Yeah, it's been interesting.

After my last post, I thought it was over. I had no pain, so I was good! My body was fixed! ... Sadly, after a couple of days of my body tricking me into thinking this, the pain, nausea, and vomiting came right back, and I returned to Emergency another 2 times in 3 days. Still without a diagnosis, I came home again and again without an answer... In the meantime, Husband had to cancel his birthday dinner.

During those two days when I thought I was better (and before the celebrations were cancelled), I had managed to organise some things to make Husband feel special. Birthdays mean a lot to him, and as I'd been out of action for 4 days already, I wanted him to be the centre of attention for a moment. To feel appreciated, loved, and important.

Mixing my desire to do/make something special for Husband, some creativity, my desire to remain youthful, and knowledge about Husband (you'd expect to gain a fair bit of info after being married for 10 years), I made PARTY BAGS!


If you're having trouble reading what I put into them (which were red paper bags with printed out/coloured in Deadpool eye mask things) I've added a bigger version, plus a picture... He was very touched that I had put so much effort into it for him. And so he darn well should be! Haha. Just kidding. He was so amazing while I was out of action and in hospital so many times. There's only so much patience a guy can have! As they were slowly handed out individually, it was nice to overhear him tell a couple of friends that "she gets me." <chuffed>

DEADPOOL: Like you really need to ask!
GUITAR: Reuben plays this instrument (among others). If conversation gets awkward, ask him about his band, or to show you his guitar collection.
If that fails, open the GUITAR and you'll find BUBBLES: They will make him laugh watching his dog try to catch them.
SOUR COKE BOTTLES: His fav lolly.
TURKISH DELIGHT: His fav chocolate.
THONG: Reuben loathes thongs, and even calls his wide a bogan whenever she wears them. Beware if you wore thongs tonight. Quickly go and put some ugg boots on! Strangely, they're more acceptable.
MINI POM-POM: Believe it or not, you being here tonight makes Reuben feel a little fuzzy.
DINOSAUR: He's getting old! But hey, so are you! Mwahaha.
BALLOON: In Reuben's fav colour, what's a party without balloons?
ANACONDA: Well... Just 'cos :p

As it turned out, a few days later (with continued symptoms) I was severely dehydrated and admitted into a private hospital, which became my home for the next 3 nights, to be discharged on Husband's actual birthday, finally with a diagnosis of what had been causing the chest pain: "reflux esophagitis"... Reflux! Something that I thought only babies get (though explains why babies scream and cry so much when they vomit - it hurts!)

And, because birthdays need some form of cake (and since I felt bad that his party was cancelled), I took out a cake from the freezer (something that I also made when I felt well in-between hospital visits) when I got home, and attempted to ice it as his favourite Marvel character, Deadpool:

So although the birthday celebrations didn't quite go according to plan this year, I still (along with Deadpool) want to wish my loving husband a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

We're aiming for a non-hospitalised/cancelled birthday next year :)

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