Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Creative pathology!

In the last couple of weeks, while doctors were working out what was wrong with me, I've had numerous blood tests... I'm pretty If you've ever given blood or had a blood test of your own, you would be accustomed to the procedure:

- Squeeze/contract your fist;
- Have the strappy thing tightened on the top half of your arm;
- {Grit your teeth and look away while} the needle goes in;
- Blood is collected;
- The strappy thing is removed;
- The needle comes out;
- You're told to hold the cotton wool bud on your arm while the doctor or kind blood taking person fetches a bandaid...

Sound familiar??

Well... Not at the hospital I was at! When the time in the taking-of-my-precious-blood came, I was expecting to be told to hold the cotton bud tight on my arm... But I wasn't! I was even already reaching my other arm over, ready for my job, when this happened:

GENIUS! I think everyone who takes blood should do this. The pathologist didn't take the strappy thing all the way off! She just loosened it, and tightened it over the cotton bud while she fetched the bandaid.

Like. A. Boss!

Perhaps it's because she works in a hospital and would take blood however many times each hour (probably with many patients not being able to use their other hands), but what a fantastic idea. She was a bit taken back by my amazement at her method - I didn't need to do anything!

Will you help me spread the word??
Next time you have a blood test - share this idea!

P.S. As I'm not very happy about using the phrase "strappy thing", I researched and found it's proper name: tourniquet. How about that - you learn something new everyday! (unless you already knew that) :)

... Still doesn't help me understand the song by Evanescence, though.

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