Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Rudolf the pretzel reindeer...

So (as probably everyone else, too), I've stumbled upon many different Christmas style'd cake pops and individual treat ideas all over the internets lately... Santa hats made with cream and strawberries, Christmas tree cupcakes with strawberries (hmm, lots of strawberries), and various reindeer faces, for example.

As there's only a couple of weeks until Christmas (and school), and since I'm feeling like being creative again after being unwell, I thought I'd give something like this a go!  Except, opting for something I didn't have to bake and/or wash up... Because I'm feeling a bit lazy.

Following my sister who recently made some Oreo 'pops', I gently pushed Oreo biscuits onto cake pop sticks with some melted chocolate. I instead used double stuffed Oreos, though, so that I didn't have to squeeze the end of the sticks together with pliers like my sister did... See? Lazy.

Basically, once they were dipped in melted chocolate, I worked out (the hard way) that they set best laying down on some baking paper, not upright in the egg cartons. Faces became quite droopy very quickly that way! It was much easier attaching everything while they were flat.

I ended up also learning that there really wasn't any need to break the pretzels so that they looked more like 'antlers'. I was making a big mess, and it wasn't necessary. Full pretzels fitted perfectly in between the (double stuffed) biscuits of the Oreos. Once everything was on and they had set a bit, I transferred them back to the egg cartons:

Cellophane bags were easy to slip on while they were sitting in the cartons, too. Many discount shops sell them for just a couple of dollars, and they add a nice finished touch:

Overall, these were pretty simple (and quick!) to make. It was a bit tricky trying to balance how many Oreos I could dip before attaching the eyes, noses, and pretzels. It's best to have them all attached while the chocolate is still soft, but, if your chocolate sets quickly, you can still dip the pretzels into some left over chocolate and gently push them in.

These were really fun to make, and the best thing was that there was minimal washing up!

Here's my Jonathan carrying them to play group to hand out to his friends:

It's a great idea for school staff or play group, etc. Perhaps even your child's classmates. If you weren't as lazy as me, you could probably even attach a little reindeer style'd "Merry Christmas" tag, and write from your child (or you!)... Such as these that I designed after they'd all been handed out:

And, if you're going to use an egg carton to transport them, it may look nice if you covered the egg carton in Christmas paper/stickers, or write "Merry Christmas" on the front or something... I would have done that, but, you guessed it - I was lazy ;)

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