Wednesday, 29 January 2014

School's back!

In what varied from going too slow, to too fast, the school holidays have finally, yet all too quickly, come to an end. School started again today, which means that routine is back to being a necessity, and organisation comes in at a close second.
In regards to school supplies, I've always been slack. The kids would write these amazing shopping lists that include a new bag, water bottles, books, textas - you know, the things they "need" for school, and I would push these lists aside, refusing to buy new stationary all the time, and wait until at least Term 3 to begin actually considering that I might need to let go of my stronghold on mismatching socks and blunt pencils.

Lets face it, everyone likes shiny new things.

And coloured highlighters.

This year feels like the first time I've gotten things organised before school went back. Apart from school hats which we got this morning, as part of me was no longer happy with "a hat for school" and preferred "a school hat".

But. If there's one thing I have really struggled with (in regards to my children's academia), it would be homework... And reading... But mostly homework. Which isn't something that can be checked off a list at the start of a new year.

This year, my eldest son is in Year 5. It's a big year, and only a couple shy of high school. I declared that I would really like to be more consistent with getting my kids to do their homework. Whenever the kids would come home with the message of "no homework", I'd secretly cheer inside. But this year, it is my aim to pursue 30 minutes of after-school academic work each day. Even if it's on the computer.

When I came across The Organised Housewife's Homework Nook, I was determined to make one, believing that it would be the solution to my inconsistency! At least for a couple of weeks, anyway, before the novelty wears off. It will at least, though, provide us with a place to store homework sheets/folders, exercise books, and workbooks for various subjects.

What will this look like in Term 2? In Week 4? By Friday!? Who knows, but it's certainly a start that I'm happy with.

By the way: Though the heat was determined to melt any hopes of me living out this desire of mine, we managed a whole hour of a mixture of workbooks, FunBrain, and the opening chapter of a novel by my daughter.

I can now announce Day #1 as a success!
The TV is now on, and there's only 197 days to go ;)

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