Saturday, 11 January 2014

Cirque Du Mickey.

So we were in America, on Day 5 of our Walt Disney Floridian holiday. We had time to grab a snack before seeing Cirque Du Soleil: La Nouba in Downtown Disney. By now we knew very well that "snack" in America, means a decent sized meal.

Wandering through Downtown Disney, we came across "Candy Cauldron" - a magical café/store that surely kept dentists in business. The front windows were filled with shelf after shelf of chocolate coated caramel apples, shaped into Disney characters. The walls were splashed with colourful candy. Vats of treat packets placed around the room. A cabinet in the middle lured us like the gingerbread house lured Hansel and Gretel. I had a suspicion that our diabetic-free life was sure to come to an end if we stayed too long. But there was no way we* could leave without admiring everything they had.

* Okay, just me.

Inside this cabinet was a display of marshmallow sticks covered in chocolate made to look like Mickey Mouse pants, cookies the size of your hand, fudge with more flavours than Disney characters, another selection of caramel apples, and what looked like LCMs, shaped into Mickey faces, decorated and on sticks (among many other things)! Why, oh why, did I have to make a decision? I wanted one of everything!

A young Australian woman served us, and as I looked through the glass, I asked if these were like "LCMs, shaped like Mickey"? She said they were exactly that, but here (America) they're called "Rice Krispies". From what I could tell, they had a layer of chocolate, a layer of something else**, and were drizzled with more chocolate. Fabulous, I'll take three, thanks!

** Mini M 'n' Ms, crushed Oreo biscuits, etc.

I chose the one with mini M 'n' Ms, because why not overdose on chocolate in one swift move, eh? Considering it was the size of my face.

I managed to get through half of this "snack" while people were taking their seats, waiting for La Nouba to officially begin. While this was happening, two older clowns were 'performing'. From what I gathered, their aim was to carry big, brightly coloured foam 'boxes', atop a giant stretcher, from one end of the auditorium to the other. Never-mind that it was probably one of those moments where you 'just have to be there to understand', but they were hilarious. Without speaking, they silently captured the attention (eventually) of everyone in the room.

Then the lights went out, and it started... Oh. my. goodness: It was incredible! The entire audience was captivated by the emotion, the intensity, and the victories of each acrobat, comedian, and dancer. Cheers were made and rounds of applause were frequently given. I highly recommend grabbing the opportunity to see a Cirque Du Soleil performance if you can! Amazing.

The Mickey shaped "rice krispie" that defeated me that night, I have managed to re-create at home, which proved to be a hit with the kids for afternoon tea. How hard could it be to make our own LCM bars? Here's what I did to make them, and kids would easily be able to help if you so desired them to...

I used this recipe. Once made, I used the back of a spoon to squish and spread it into my Mickey shaped cookie/sandwich cutter (like I'd seriously leave Disney World without one). I did this to avoid wastage from cutting shapes out of a square/rectangle slice. Half of the recipe made 6 decent sized 'LCM Mickeys':

I wanted to at least try the mini M 'n' M version that I had in Disney World. But I also really wanted to try something different, too! I remembered while we were drooling over them in the various bakeries around Disney, we noticed them with M 'n' Ms and crushed Oreos. I didn't have Oreos at the time, so made half with mini M 'n' Ms, and the other half I decided to make with peanut butter and chocolate, hoping to somewhat mimic one of the best combinations in the world.

After dipping them all into the melted chocolate, I sprinkled M 'n' Ms on the plain chocolate ones, and crushed peanuts on the others, which already had peanut butter spread on them... Ta-da! Afternoon tea was served:

One thing that I forgot to do (I realised too late, as usual), was push a paddle pop stick into the base so there was a 'handle' for them! Oh well. We'll be making these again, and I shall try to remember next time! :)

I've recently wondered what "LCM" actually stands for... Some suggestions may or may not include:

- Low Calorie Meal (Ha! I wish)
- Lunchbox Crystal Meth.

Oh, Snap! Crackle. And Pop.

Do you know what LCM stands for?
What would you put on top of a rice krispie?
Have you ever seen a Cirque Du Soleil performance?

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