Sunday, 5 January 2014

Pizza twists!

I like the internets to think I am an invincible spring of motherly awesomeness. Because most of you don't know me, it's easier to keep up such a facade. I make sure the cake I'm photographing doesn't have the pile of 3 days of dirty washing behind it, or I'd photograph it on the table, so that the disaster the kitchen has become in the process is hidden, because, I don't want strangers judging my housewife-y abilities... That's what parents are for.

Anyway, perhaps this is a chink in the wonderful armour that is Internet Anonymity, but occasionally I open up my fridge after a number of distracting days, and the combination of its ingredients plus whatever we have in the pantry doesn't seem to result in "food" as much as "an abomination which should never have graced God's green earth".

I'm not sure if you've ever been desperate enough to try to combine bacon, flour, eggs, and gummi bears, just to see what happens?

This morning, my son made an omelette with strawberries, banana, bacon, and baby spinach, so I guess there's at least one person who can relate. But the sum of the parts do not always equate to a whole, if you know what I'm saying, which also sums up my eldest boy, coincidentally.

On two occasions, however, this emptiness in both dinner ideas and various food holding facilities, it has led to new staple dishes in the house. Once was Husband, and since he's not particularly interesting or creative (or perhaps because I'm jealous), that dish won't get a mention. The other was me, and since this is my blog and I can pretend to be the hero, well, here is my heroic tale of culinary improvisation resulting in deliciousness that should win me an award for Creative Mother Of The Year. I felt like Martha Stewart, except people care about me.

We had limited ingredients - some leftover BBQ chicken, a bit of ham etc - but not a lot of anything else. So I got that, gathered some other bits and pieces from the fridge and pantry, and created what I now call "pizza twists".

One puff pastry sheet, cut in half, makes two "twists".
Squeeze some sauce down the middle (straight lines are so last year).

Sprinkle some cheese on the sauce, and, whatever you have!

I'd usually say to just think about what you would/wouldn't put on pizza, but, I know some gourmet pizza places that have no limitations to what they put on their pizzas! For example: The last pizza that I ate from a gourmet pizza place had snow peas, broccoli, and cashews on it!

Roll them up, and twist them as you lay them on a baking tray.

Bake for approx. 20 minutes, in an approx. 180° oven... And ta-da!

Quick and simple improvised dinner, and the kids absolutely loved them!

In fact, this was so popular, we continued on to make miniature dessert twists, using Nutella and strawberries (okay, so I think this idea came from Max Brenner... Or, Italy?). But not as a puff pastry twist!

With much sadness, I was not able to eat one of the dessert twists due to my challenge to "quit" sugar from my diet for a month. But the kids told me that they. were. amaziiing!

Hopefully they won't want them again until February... Hmmmm.

Buon Appetito!

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