Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Butterflies in my... Tummy!

I like butterflies... Sometimes, butterflies remind me of one of my youngest son's (current) favourite book: The Hungry Little Caterpillar... But most of the time, they just make me smile when I see one fluttering by as I'm walking swiftly, usually to get somewhere in a rush because I'm running late due to various reasons/children... Their wings and weightless appearance often inspire me to stand still for just a moment and take a fresh breath of life...

Unless I'm really in a rush, in which case I don't often pay that much attention, and their presence is gone within a few seconds anyway!

This week, completely unrelated to those feelings towards butterflies, and more related to a huge amount of shortbread dough I had left over after making Omnitrix ones for Jonathan's birthday, I made some butterfly shaped ones :)

With coloured royal icing and some silver cachous, I decorated them,
making up what I did and where I put icing/cachous as I went along:

Sticking with a pink and purple theme (probably chosen because I had pink and purple silicone cupcake moulds - clearly a well thought out and totally non-spontaneous idea), I made some matching cupcakes, because I wanted to make those as well (initially, the cupcakes were going to have chocolate butterflies on top, but in the rush that I was in that afternoon -funnily enough- I ran out of time to properly make them), so instead, I drizzled some white royal icing on top of the piped pink and purple icing :)

Stay tuned for the chocolate butterfly cupcakes that will appear on this blog...

... Eventually! :)

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