Thursday, 21 March 2013

Harmony Day!

Harmony Day: A day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia their home! By participating in Harmony Day, we learn and understand that Australians from different backgrounds equally belong to this nation.

The message of Harmony Day is: "Everyone Belongs"

On an almost (but not really) unrelated matter: Today in my house, we experienced a rare harmonious morning! There was no fighting, no yelling, no whinging, and everything got done in time for us to actually be ready early for a change! It was uplifting and a great start to the day.

As I thought about it later... Perhaps it was because I was too busy and focussed on making icing, melting chocolate, and getting these cupcakes finished to take to school for the staff - that the kids had no choice but to sort out their own breakfast and make their own sandwiches? And in my focussed state (often losing track of time), I didn't have 'time' to constantly (and loudly) remind the kids of how many minutes there were left until we absolutely had to leave to get to school on time, but rather I wanted to make sure I decorated these cupcakes to the best of my ability, and, by the time I was finished, the kids were dressed and ready to go! :) It was lovely.

Thinking with a friend recently about the idea behind Harmony Day -where we are to love and consider equal all those who live around us, no matter what ethnic background they are from- and it was brought to my mind of how much in line that is with God's love and how that's how he wants us to love! ... As a Christian, the Bible clearly states that we are to love God, and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves (Matt 22:36-40). I think that the message of Harmony Day ("Everyone Belongs") links up with the message of the Kingdom of God... "Everyone is Welcome!"

Everyone (from any nation) is invited to accept friendship with Jesus, and accept the salvation that he offers us through what he did on the cross (a pretty good thing to think of with Easter just over a week away)... It is pretty amazing, and I feel extremely blessed to be a part of an awesome local church family.

Okay, that's my little (but important!) rant - moving onto the cupcakes, though:

I made normal butter cupcakes, but decided to colour them orange... I made buttercream icing, which I flavoured with lemon juice because I was out of vanilla essence... I thought it tasted pretty good! :) ... On a spur of the moment, not knowing exactly what I was going to make this morning when I woke up, I melted some chocolate and decided to make two stick people stand together and hold hands - just like they do in the Harmony Day picture:

Without realising until I placed a couple of the chocolate 'stick people' onto the cupcakes, I noticed that in between the people, with the hands and feet touching, it makes a heart shape! ... If I'd realised this earlier than at the end, I would have been a bit more intentional with the way I drew with the melted chocolate! ... A couple of them worked out nicely, though, like this one:

In Mark 10:15, Jesus says: "Truly I tell you, anyone who does not enter the Kingdom of God like a child will not enter it." ... So here's a picture of my three children, both normal and crazy, whom I love and enjoy so much every day!

I am so very thankful for three different and loving children, a husband who loves me, the creativity God has given me with cupcakes, Jesus- who believed I was worth dying for, and my rare harmonious start to the school day :)

Happy Harmony Day!

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