Sunday, 10 March 2013

He's no ordinary kid, he's Ben 10.

When my eldest kids (now 9 & 8) were 2 years old, they watched TV shows like Play School, Sesame Street, Hi 5, and the Wiggles...

My youngest at 2 loved... No... Obsessed over shows like Spiderman and Ben 10... The fazes swung from one to the other, but has currently been on the Ben 10 faze for at least the last month. Well, today is the day that he is no longer 2. Today is my little Jonathan's 3rd birthday! And it felt right to make some Ben 10 related edible items to celebrate :)

With the Omnitrix in mind, I made some short bread biscuits... Then using green royal icing, silver cachous, melted chocolate, and chocolate fudge frosting, I did my very best to recreate the thing my little Jonathan would (almost daily) pretend he has on his wrist as he raced through our house, making sound effects, and claiming to be turning into the various aliens that Ben 10 turns into on the show that he asks to watch as soon as he wakes up every morning...

Ah, the joys of children and their obsessions!

It is amazing that even at such a young age, when you wake a child up and tell them that it's their birthday, they straight away ask where their presents are! ... Clever kids.

I'm not sure whether to be encouraged or dismayed when I showed Jonathan the Omnitrix biscuits that I'd made, and he said "Ohh, cupcakes!"

He must know about my obsession as well ;)

Happy 3rd birthday, Jonathan!

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