Saturday, 9 March 2013

So you're from Canada, eh?

This week I've been thinking of friends of ours who live in Canada, and decided to spontaneously make Canadian themed cupcakes!

With a traced and cut out picture of a maple leaf, I rolled out some red fondant, and cut around the maple leaf picture a few times... I'm sure you can get maple leaf cookie cutters, but this creation was a bit too spontaneous to drive to a cake shop and look for one!

With a solite buttercream mixture (to make the icing a bit whiter.), I piped icing onto the cupcake, and then placed one of the red maple fondant leaves on top :)

I wonder if there's white on the Canadian flag
because of all the snow and ice (hockey)...?

If I was to re-create these, and spend a bit more time thinking of what to make - I'd either make red velvet cupcakes OR somehow figure out or look up a maple syrup flavoured cupcake/icing creation...

Perhaps on the day when my Canadian friends can actually taste the cupcakes I will be more creative with flavours :)

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