Sunday, 17 March 2013

Rainbow waffles!

This weekend, with St Patrick's day on the calendar, I felt inspired to make something colourful to celebrate (as that would pretty much be the only celebrating we would do)!

I had seen 'rainbow waffles' on Pinterest, and well - what other occasion than St Patrick's day would I be able to make rainbow waffles (without having to cater for a bazillion people which is both stressful and time consuming)?

So after the decision to make these on Saturday morning, I made my batch of waffle batter, divided it into 6 different (coincidentally, also rainbow coloured) bowls, and added food colouring (and a bit more, and another bit more) to make the colours bright and contrasting enough...

I prepared 6 piping bags by putting them inside glasses and folding the tops over the edges (I did trim the piping bags so they were smaller, as there wasn't a heap of batter to go in). Then I was ready to have a go at making rainbow waffles!

Attempt #1: I started with purple, as there somehow seemed to be more of that colour; and with the piping bags, used the colours one at a time making circles, getting closer and closer to the middle...

The result was a very thick waffle, with some of the colours merging together and overflowing...

... With the original purple circle underneath!! 

I took a photo of the waffle broken into its designated 'hearts', as I thought it looked pretty cool when you could see the layers of colours in the waffle.

Attempt #2: I didn't have my wonderful husband to take photos of each and every step (in case it didn't work out again!) but I started from the middle of the waffle this time, and then drew circle after circle with the waffle batter, until I reached the end (running low on the blue and purple colours, so they shared the outer circle):

The result:

I was happy that you could actually see all the colours on this one!!

The tricky part of these was that there's just so much waffle batter, which made the waffles really thick! If I try these again in the future, I will cut a smaller hole in the piping bag to hopefully ensure a smaller and more precise rainbow :)

All in all, though, these were fairly easy to make! My kids loved eating them for breakfast, and now knowing the mistakes that I made (starting from the outside & cutting the piping bag hole too big), I can see the potential of these being a wonderful success!

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