Friday, 1 March 2013

EYE see you...

Eyes are pretty amazing parts of our body...

Researching some facts about eyes recently, some interesting thing's I've found out include:

- A human eye ball weighs approximately 28 grams.
- Our eyes stay the same size from birth.
- The average person blinks about 12 times per minute
- A shark's cornea is similar to a human's cornea, and so has been used in eye surgery.
- People (generally) read 25% slower from a computer screen than from paper!

On that note, I will continue!

This term at a play group I attend, we are learning about different parts of the body. This week (if you hadn't worked out yet) we learnt about the eyes! Of course, with a working oven again, I shot my hand up for the opportunity to make cupcakes!

With eyes as the theme, I wondered how I could make eyes on a cupcake... Then, it occurred to me that perhaps a single M 'n' M, with some chocolate fudge frosting could work!

Step by step, here's how I made them:

And of course, my daughter having a bit of fun with her food:

EYE can still see you!

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