Monday, 4 March 2013

Need more sleep?

I'm certain I'm not the only person who feels sluggish and tired on a Monday morning, whether it's because weekends are jam packed full of family adventures, parties, late nights, and hanging out with friends, or perhaps because there's a baby in the house, and a decent night's sleep is still a bit out of reach...

Well, for yet again another Monday morning needing potentially a whole extra day to sleep just to catch up on the weekend, and to possibly imitate the way I feel on Monday mornings (especially today), I made some 'Sleepy Cupcakes' :)

With melted white chocolate, I traced a dream bubble and some 'ZZZZ's onto baking paper... To get the 'icing' dark like a night sky (or perhaps it was because I was too tired to make actual chocolate icing?), I piped Nutella onto the (choc chip) cupcakes:

Happy sleeping! :)

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