Sunday, 16 June 2013

One Year of Blogging!

I cannot believe it's been a whole year!
But strangely I can believe it's not butter ;)

If you've been following my blog, then you've surely read about many creative victories I've had, along with some baking fails and life tragedies... My children: Ben, Tamara & Jonathan have all turned a year older and celebrated their birthdays (and I've had and celebrated my own recently, too)...

You would surely have seen photos of the various hundreds of thousands of cupcakes that I've made for parties, play group, church, music festivals, friends, family, school, a wedding, or simply 'because I was bored' or 'had this great idea'...

You may have also seen, then, when I played dress ups, wrote a poem... and almost killed my dog.

I'm sure you've ultimately come to the conclusion that many others have also come to: I have a serious and unstoppable addiction to baking and decorating cupcakes & cakes...

But I refuse to admit it, or do anything about it!

Well, friends, it's been an entire year since I've been blogging. I've shared some creativity and ideas, tutorials, and stories about myself and my life. I want to say (well, technically write) a big THANK YOU for supporting me, reading my blog, sharing it with your friends, liking my Facebook page, and sending through photos of things you've made - I love seeing and encouraging the creativity in others as well!

I've made to celebrate a whole year of "Created Creatively". Made from just 2 ingredients! Stolen, but tweaked, from 4 Ingredients, I used vanilla cake mix, and orange Fanta.

I knew that I wanted the cake to look like the Blogger logo, so with orange and white fondant, and a cut-out of the 'B', I covered the cake:

I wonder what this next year of blogging will bring! I am excited, and hope you are, too, as I really enjoy sharing my creative journey with friends.

Have you had a favourite, or memorable post?? I would love to hear your thoughts on things you've liked, or not liked as much, and even things you'd like to see me create or blog about in the coming year!

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