Thursday, 20 June 2013

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, there were two sisters, who were both about to have babies! One of them had a boy, and the other- a girl... Almost a year goes by, and those babies are about to turn one. I am asked to make a cake for them to celebrate this milestone age. The End.

Oh... You want a better story? Well, how about the story of what happened after I was asked to make this cake? ... It can be the sequal :)

Once upon a time not so long ago, it seemed that a new page had well and truly turned (so to speak) in my skills and abilities. Where it used to remain with cupcakes because I was far too scared to attempt anything bigger, I am managing just fine, and I love the opportunities to create new things!

This request was for a book cake- with one side blue, and the other- pink:

The names of the birthday children were written down, and I was set off on my way to think of more ideas around that, and create something special for this birthday...

I started that night by cutting out some blue stars. I added some green stars, as green & blue go well together... I had an idea earlier in the day for stars on the 'boys' side, and flowers on the 'girl' side, but I got a bit carried away (possibly in my tiredness) and after making pink fondant, I cut out more stars. I had plenty of coloured stars, and realised that I was meant to make pink flowers - Oops. Stars it will have to be.

Sadly, I needed to wait until the morning to get the book shaped cake tin and do some real cake making and decorating!

The next day had arrived, and I had no time for mistakes (as I only had 2 days to make it*), so in went 3 batches of vanilla cake mix into the book tin as I stood back and hoped that it would all work out alright!

Which it did. Praise God! After icing and covering the cake in fondant, I drew on some book pages with my new edible pen marker thingy... I thought this would be like, super easy, but it totally wasn't. The fondant was still soft, and my hand was a bit wobbly because I couldn't get a good enough angle to draw! For the straight parts, I used another square cake board as a guide, but when it came to the rounded ones, I found them very tricky... From afar it looks okay, and you can still see what my intention was!

... I might have to keep practicing ;)

I cut out the names of the birthday children, along with HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY (each in their respective colours), and glued them onto the cake. I randomly (but symmetrically) glued some stars around the page, and made 'exploding' stars in the top corners of the book cake, because everybody** loves exploding stars:

The final touch for the cake was blue & pink fondant rolled into long, thin strips, and glued around the base of the cake, to look like the book cover... Finally, to fill in the gap on the cake board (because they only come in circles or squares), I tied up a strip of star ribbon into a bow :)

A view of the finished cake from the back:

And the view from the front:

Happy 1st Birthday Samir Jan & Madina Jan!

I hope you and your parents enjoy this next chapter in life,
as you go from being a baby into being a little toddler person.

* I found this actually really great, because I had less time to stress over it / change my mind, and think of new things to make instead of the original plan... Only having a short amount of time put enough pressure on me to get it made, but not enough freedom to get distracted with other things I could put on it instead.

** Well, I do.
The End.

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