Saturday, 22 June 2013

Glittery, elegant, and edible...

On a freezing Friday afternoon, I suddenly (surprise, surprise) dreamt of making some cake-pops. I dreamt of elegance, beauty, and love, and decided that a white rose would be apt for this creation... Though, white was really chosen, purely because I wasn't in the mood to colour chocolate and potentially risk it turning dodgy and being wasted...

The white rose symbolises purity, innocence, silence, humility, youthfulness, and heaven.

It also symbolises an intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany, that became known for an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign, which called for active opposition to Adolf Hitler's regime...

How's that for research!

I quickly made the cake pops in my nifty little cake pop tray, and then put them in the fridge to cool down. Once cool enough, I covered them in melted white chocolate.

With an egg carton, a sharp knife, and a chopstick, a cake-pop transportation device suited for up to 12 cake pops was created:

While I waited for the chocolate to set, I made some green pipe cleaner leaves to decorate these roses (and to make it clear that they at least were some type of flower - or supposed to be)!

The 'rose' part of the cake pop was actually really easy! Basically, it was sparkle gel (I assume you could also use melted chocolate, but I was in a glittery mood), swirled around the cake pop from the middle, all the way up to the top.

Innocent, youthful Nazi resistance groups have never tasted so delicious ;)

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