Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The day when 1 + 1 + 1 = 1.

One month ago, I witnessed
a beautiful wedding...

I can't remember the last wedding I've been to where the conversations and direction of the service were so full of praise to Christ, and where humour and interaction with attendees made people feel comfortable and incredibly welcome. Everything was gospel centered, prayer was a big feature of the ceremony, and the love shown and given was truly inspirational :')

As a congratulatory present for the wonderful bride & groom, I decided to paint some champagne glasses.

With our printer not yet connected to the computer - I couldn't search and print any fancy wedding images, or hearts- sized up or down to fit the glasses... But, that actually probably worked out really well! I traced their names from the wedding invitation, and traced the double heart that was attached to the string that held the invitation and reception details together.

These were all the perfect size for the champagne glasses, and now the glass style matched the theme of the invitation. The only thing I had to make up myself was the date (the style of the date, not the actual date of the wedding) ;)

I love themed weddings. And before you start thinking that it was fancy dress and that people came wearing outrageous attire or anything like that - on the back of the double heart rope picture, was this verse from Ecclesiastes:

"... A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."

Now, at this wedding were many engineers, who know very well that 1 + 1 does not equal 1; and 1 + 1 + 1 certainly does not equal 1... But the Bible, and it's explanation of marriage that day (even the concept of the Trinity) looks a bit like this equation. I will stop trying to describe the words said on the day because I will mess it up and take the beauty out of what the pastor taught. But, with Christ in the centre of marriage, two strands become three (and three become one), and they are not quickly broken!

And, by themed - it was behind the idea of string... There was string wrapped around drink bottles and vases; string holding the service outline together, and it was such an amazing ceremony and reception, unlike any other wedding I've been to - I think because Christ and his love was shared so openly and confidently throughout it all...

Here are the two matching champagne glasses that I made for the bride & groom, along with the picture of the double heart that was traced (and the string that held it all together):

I used baking paper to trace the names, and then put them inside the glasses, and used a sock (a very clean sock!) to force the baking paper closer to the edge of the glass so that I could trace / paint them easier.

We very much enjoyed being a part of this special day of our friends, and we trust that all that was said about their love, and about Christ's love, will be evident in their relationship for many many years to come!

Congratulations Joanna & Papa Ewusie!

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