Wednesday, 5 June 2013

State of Origin!

State of Origin starts tonight!

(State of Origin: The annual 'best of 3' NRL matches between NSW & QLD)

Part of me wonders how this post/creation came about... I had absolutely no plan to make anything for the State of Origin. I don't even follow football, and I'm not going to be watching the game.

My husband also doesn't follow football. So why the excitement about the State of Origin?? Well - because I randomly had this idea for cupcakes, and I love having an excuse to bake! Any excuse!

And seeing as my husband will be a part of a group of guys hanging out tonight, eating chilli con carne, yelling at the TV screen, fist jumping into the air when the team they are backing (which of course will be NSW) hopefully/actually score a try, and claiming that they can be a better referee than the actual referee; I thought as a good housewife who's been at home all day, I should make something for him to take along for dessert. So I made State of Origin brownie cupcakes :)

Hopefully these will be celebratory food and not comfort food!

My original thought for the footballs was to use brown peanut M 'n' Ms... But since I didn't get a chance to shop for them, I used leftover Easter Eggs instead! Then with white fudge frosting, I drew on them to make them look like footballs.

This all happened so quickly, I didn't have a chance to exclaim:
"Go you mighty Blues!"


Victory for NSW!
The blue brownie cupcakes were devoured, but some red ones remained
untouched because no-one wanted to betray the blue team by eating one.

... And people say I'm strange!

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