Sunday, 26 May 2013

Lady bug-a-boo...

What is on the ground and 100 feet in the air??
A centipede on it's back !

What flies but tastes good on toast??
A butterfly !

If you're wondering why I've started with bug jokes, it's because at one of my play groups this term, we're learning about bugs! After a wave of creative ideas for lady beetles (which was coming up the next week), I rushed to volunteer to bring morning tea for it... I wanted / needed to practice making roses with buttercream icing, and thought I could easily make little fondant lady beetles to go on top of them for lady beetle day.

I was impressed that by simply changing my piping tip, making the roses was so easy! I used both ends of a round piping tip to make two different sized 'lady beetles' in red fondant, and a leaf cutter on green fondant to make the leaves. To decorate them, I used chocolate fudge frosting:


As these were made on the weekend of my birthday, I took the opportunity to photograph them on a pearly mirrored cake tier; and in front of a bunch of flowers - both of which I received for my birthday:

Where does a bee go to relieve itself?
A BP station !

Joke is on me, though, as I had read the play group calendar wrong, and we don't actually learn about lady beetles until a few weeks time!

But, I haven't really been one to put creative ideas on hold for even the smallest amount of time... So I made them as soon as I realised
I'd read the calendar wrong!

Which opens up more opportunities to be creative! Stay tuned :)

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