Thursday, 9 May 2013

You know those times when...

1. You miss that prime opportunity to shower and do your hair in the morning because the kids woke up earlier than usual and / or because you spent the morning making icing and decorating cupcakes.

2. You get your toes and the bottom of your pants wet from walking through the grass in thongs on the way to drop your kids at school... Which means you needed to change (again!) when you got home.

4. Your 3-year-old refuses to change out of his dirty Ben 10 t-shirt, that he has on backwards, and that he's been wearing since yesterday afternoon...

5. You arrive at play group with the cupcakes you managed to ice earlier in the morning, to find out someone had already volunteered to provide morning tea... And brought cupcakes.

6. You get out your keys to open the front door, realising that you were meant to go to the shops on the way home, and if you went now, you'd miss that prime opportunity for your 3-year-old to have a 'rest'.

7. On the way home from school, the librarian chases you from the school gate, because you've left your 3-year-old behind while you started to walk home without him.

8. You go to the bedroom in order to calm down from being cranky at your children during the madness of 5-6pm... You download and start playing Candy Crush Saga to see what the big deal is with everyone getting so frustrated on Facebook about it. You find it actually pretty fun, and not as bad as you'd believed to think.

9. Until you fail a level 3 times, and are told that you now have to wait 20 minutes until you can retry the damn thing.

10. You realise that you hadn't taken any meat out for dinner, so had to come up with a quick plan that doesn't involve going to the shops with the kids that you may still be cranky with...

11. You are so relieved when your husband comes home, offers to cooks the made-up dinner you didn't have time to make because you got carried away playing the candy game, and gets the kids ready for bed while you write a blog post...

12. You imagine yourself the lucky winner for Mother of the Year, purely for leaving your youngest child at school while you started walking home.

1 comment:

  1. Yep. I know those times!
    I once drove happily past preschool one afternoon totally forgetting I was supposed to pick up my 3 year old.
    But, just so you know for next time - there can never be enough cup cakes at playgroup! I wanted to try one of the green ones but they ran out before I could... :(