Tuesday, 7 May 2013

So I got a little bored / impatient / creative today...

This morning I was asked if I'd be able to make a two tiered wonky cake for a friend's 30th in a couple of months! Wow. What a great pleasure that will be. Not only was I a bit chuffed that she thought of me to make it, but I was also a bit nervous, because cupcakes are the main things I make! The cakes I made over the weekend for church were seriously the first big cakes that I'd made and covered with fondant! ... Like ever!

I googled and YouTube'd a few things relating to what she wanted, and became really excited about making this big cake for my friend (what it is will stay a secret until that post)!! I could visualise me making it, and, of course, it turns out perfectly without any flaws :)

But just to be on the safe side, I should probably get some practice in making a tiered cake first! I decided that I would attempt one for my birthday which is later this month... Which will give me time to shop for ingredients, and try a design or two with fondant, and still time to tweak

Then, I looked through some more pictures, and instantly forgot that I was supposed to wait! ... And I made a cake.

I got out a small round tin, and a ramekin and baked a chocolate cake! Using strawberry jam (as another friend suggested I do with the church cakes over the weekend), I attached the white fondant and spread it on. In my mind, I had warm coloured fondant flowers all around the cake, and the same coloured M 'n' Ms to go in between the tiers... Which worked out well, because I had plenty of them left over! (or was that the reason I chose those colours?)

With the cakes covered, I made royal icing to attach the M 'n' Ms, and to also cover the rough gaps where the cake tiers joined (I think covering the cakes before they're attached might be a better way to try next time). I was still happy with the way that it looked so far, and I knew that I'd be able to cover up at least most of the flaws!

With the line of royal icing, I placed the M 'n' Ms around, one by one, in pattern... Which then didn't leave that much room to have flowers all around as I'd imagined, so I decided to just put one flower (made with all the colours) on top:

I thought this was a nice, simple cake, without being too busy
with colours or patterns.
A good start to practicing with tiers!

Then in walked my husband home from work, confused, and wondering why I had randomly made this cake as he believed I was waiting until my birthday to make a 'trial'! ... Oops. Got a bit carried away!

He then suggested he could take it into work tomorrow for his colleagues... Phew! I really hadn't thought of what would happen with it once I'd finished.

Just another reason why I love him :)

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