Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I love, you love WATERMELON!

After arriving back from our holiday in America, we went to our family's farm in Jindabyne for a few days to recover from jet lag before starting real life again back at home and work. Within a day or two, we were reminded how lovely two weeks away from not having to worry about getting to school on time, making sure clothes are clean, rooms are tidy, arguing with those who refuse to eat their dinner but still insist they deserve dessert, and refereeing sibling quarrels was!

It was nice to be back, though, and as per usual, the drive back to Sydney included a stop off at the Lolly Shack in Cooma. It is at this very place that I had found my absolute new favourite lolly!! Each time we go there, I get these lollies, and each time, I have the intention to save them for cupcakes... But, each time they always rapidly disappear in the car before we make it home, and I don't get the chance!

Well, this time, I made sure they didn't all get eaten (perhaps buying twice the amount I usually do was the key), and made these watermelon cupcakes!

Pink cake batter sprinkled with chocolate chips*:

Covered with a layer of uncoloured buttercream icing:

Then green buttercream icing piped on top:

And a watermelon lolly to garnish!

Sliced in half, this is what they looked like :)

* Depending on how big/heavy they are, some chocolate chips just sink to the bottom of the cupcake as they bake... While these ones were light-ish, I still sprinkled them just to make sure.

Just needed to remind my children that this didn't count
as a serving of fruit! :)

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