Friday, 31 May 2013

Same same... But different!

So, today I'm feeling a slight bit repetitive since making lady beetle cupcakes last weekend, because today I finished making...

< pretend there's a drumroll and that you're waiting in eager anticipation
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Another lady beetle!

But, but, but! This one is totally different, because it's a giant lady beetle! :)

About a week ago, almost right after I planned out the lady beetle cupcakes, I funnily enough had a request from a friend to make a lady beetle cake for her daughter's party! I was so excited about this, because I'd already seen some ideas while I was searching the inter-webs for lady beetle cupcakes inspiration, and now I get to make one...

None had instructions, though, but as per usual, I took those ideas, visualised what the end result of my own version would look like, and then made it!

First I got a 9" vanilla cake and trimmed it to appear round. I covered it with an easy (but thicker than normal) buttercream icing, and then placed rolled red fondant on top:

I trimmed a smaller vanilla cake, (made in a ramekin), so that it was round as well, and so that it fit nicely when placed next to the bigger one.

The 'head' was tricky to both ice and spread fondant onto, but I managed somehow! Then once it was placed next to the body, I made an indent with the back of a knife along the middle of the lady beetle's body... With black fondant, a piping tip as my 'cutter', and some sugar glue, I made the spots and stuck them onto the beetle. She was almost completed, and I was already feeling very proud of my work.

With the same piping tip, I used each end to cut out the eyes, and stuck them on; and with a strip of white fondant, I made a smiling mouth:

With two small balls of black fondant, and some wire that I also used for the exploding star cake for my birthday, I made the lady beetle's antennae :)

I was almost done! It just needed a little bit more colour (and something to cover up the semi-dodgy job I did of the base of the body because I either hadn't rolled out the fondant wide enough, or because I didn't smooth it out properly and folded on top of itself... Green leaves it was!

To try and get the leaves to 'curl', I let them dry overnight inside a bowl, then in the morning, trimmed the bottoms so they would be flat against the cake board.

The leaves went on. I started at the back and worked my way to the front of the lady beetle... As the leaves were still a bit unset, I found various items to hold the leaves in place so they wouldn't droop down.

Once I was confident that the leaves were set in place, I sat and marvelled at the cake I had just made. I was super proud of how it turned out, considering it was the first time I had ever made one! I hope the birthday girl is just as impressed with it :)

Happy Birthday Maya!

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