Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A cake for Angel...

It's a strange feeling (for me) when someone asks you to make a cake for their daughter's birthday, and upon giving you ingredients and decorations to make it says: "Just something pretty. I trust you."

It was Friday night, I was feeling a bit exhausted, but I still started to make the cake... I read the instructions, and poured out 3/4 cup of oil. As I was pouring (into the measuring cup - not the cake mix), though, it occurred to me that this may be the wrong amount... I re-checked the instructions and had to pour 1/2 cup back into the bottle, because it said 3/4 water, and only 1/4 cup oil. Wow!

Not to self - it is not a good idea to try and make cakes when you are sleepy because you are likely to make mistakes like mix up measurements...

That could have been disastrous!
I made my own cake tray from cooling wire, cardboard, and aluminium foil:

With the cake mixture divided into one round cake and one square cake, I cut a hole in the round, and the sides off the square to somehow resemble an oddly shaped number 6.

Without knowing exactly what I was going to do, I mucked around with some ideas. I thought that I could sprinkle some of the fairy dust into cookie cutters to spell 'Angel', but I knew I was not going to try and attempt any icing and decorating until I had slept...

The next day, I made some pink icing and iced the cake. The parts that I had cut were the hardest as the cake would crumble into the icing, and so in some areas I do believe that the layer of icing is about as thick as the cake :)

I was given some little edible fairy things that I strategically placed around the bottom half of the cake. I thought that perhaps 'Angel' could be written in between where they stopped, but it would likely look a bit too squishy, so I wrote her name (a few times, scraping the purple icing off if it didn't look nice) on the top half. I then added leaves in between the fairies, and what was supposed to look like grass in between the leaves...

I spread the sprinkles all around the edges of the cake, and inside the circle of the 6, because I wasn't sure what else to do with them!

And now for some photos of the finished cake, once I'd neatened it up and there wasn't sprinkles all over the cake tray. Oh, I also added a purple flower in that blank spot and put some sprinkles inside the petals :)

I still think I prefer making cupcakes, but this was an interesting experience! I also enjoyed another reason to avoid housework and de-cluttering ;)

Finally, to transport the cake that I probably spent more time staring at wondering how to decorate, than actually decorating, I put it in my cupcake carrier, which was a perfect fit!

Happy birthday Angel :)

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