Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wild about Cupcakes!

A little while ago, I started making cupcakes from a recipe book called "Wild about Cupcakes" by Rachel Lane. To read about the cupcakes I have already made, here's the blog post. This post continues on, as the next cupcake I wanted to make from the same recipe book were called 'Sticky Date Cupcakes'.

I made these while my children were away on holidays, because I had one of those sudden inclinations to bake! Go figure. So without wanting to waste what I'd made, OR eat them all myself (tempting as it was, though!), I gave them to the staff at school to eat :) ... This is what they were supposed to look like:

And this is what mine looked like ->

I couldn't manage to take a photo while I was pouring the sauce on top, so my photo is missing the spoon :)

These cupcakes tasted so amazing! We (my husband and I) tried them once they were out of the oven (we figured they'd be best served warm), rather than follow the recipe and let them cool down... :)

I told the staff at school (as I had brought everything in separate containers - cupcakes, dates, and sauce), to warm up either the cupcakes and the sauce, or at least just the sauce! Yummy!

The feedback both from my husband and the school's staff was excellent, so I think I will certainly make them again! :)

Next on my list in the same recipe book (now that it's very much Spring) will be chosen from the 'Simple and Healthy' section I think! :)

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