Wednesday, 5 September 2012

De-cluttering Challenge - Part 3

So now my list looks like this:

I should probably just re-write it, but as part of my essential daily procrastination, I like to sit at the computer and draw up little symbols, because the alternative is actually doing the jobs I've set, and that is far less interesting :)

And because I still did not want to step over all the clothes and toys and nappies just to get into Jonathan's room just yet, I moved the order of the bedrooms around.

6, 7, 8. Bedroom #3.
As the drawers in Ben and Tamara's bedrooms are actually in their wardrobes, I (mentally, not digitally) changed 'drawers' to 'bookshelf', because they also needed some serious attention! I am amazed at how much difference a tidy bookshelf can make :)

The wardrobe wasn't too bad, though I did have to re-hang many (or all) of Tamara's jumpers and dresses that weren't hung up properly, or hung up inside-out, or dangling from 3 coat hangers... In a positive way of thinking - at least she's being creative with packing her clothes away.

I also (as with Bedroom #4) folded the sheets and blankets, instead of just jumping up and throwing them on the top shelf like I usually end up doing when I can't be bothered folding them! I should have remembered a 'before' photo, though I am certain if I leave her room for long enough, it will end up in the same situation... But her finished wardrobe and desk area look like this:

After that great feeling of accomplishment from Tamara's room, I was ready to go back and tick off all the items in Jonathan's room... Shame, he was sleeping.

So the list now looks like this:

11, 12, 13. Bedroom #4
Thankfully, Ben actually knows how to put books in a bookshelf, so it wasn't as bad as Tamara's. In the drive I had found to just keep moving and cleaning and ticking things off my list, I missed getting a photo of Ben's desk, which really was quite horrendous. Even though the kids don't use their desks for homework, it somehow managed to become foot high with papers, library books, LEGO pieces, and bl**dy Pokémon cards.

Ben's desk area and wardrobe now look like this:

What an esteem booster that so many things have been ticked off! Though the worst is yet to come, it is certainly worth being encouraged by the little I've managed to de-clutter so far :)

Here is a sneak peek at the shed, so you can see why I've left it until last...

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