Monday, 3 September 2012

De-cluttering Challenge - Part 2

Taking a look at what was next on my list, it didn't take long to suddenly need a slight alteration in the de-cluttering order I had planned myself (I was a bit over the bedroom anyway and I don't think it had anything to do with me not wanting to sort through those boxes of junk yet)... I was keen to keep de-cluttering... So my list now looks like this:

14. Kitchen cupboards.
There comes a time when just 'throwing it in, closing the door, and waiting to see if there's a crash' becomes unsustainable... With pots and pans, this crash could potentially become a smash when the door opens again, so what a relief that I can now see exactly what I have without everything stacked as high as it could go!

The most important cupboard, that is potentially the most used, and (of course) the messiest, was my baking cupboard... For so long, even after 'tidying' it before, I still managed to end up throwing things back in and hoping for the best! ... Well, this time I tried to be more efficient. I have little flat cupcake trays that I don't think I've ever used, they can go, and a couple of other moulds that look great and pretty, but I have never actually used them, and so being honest with myself I probably won't use them ever... Here's the baking cupboard's before and after photos:

The spice rack (which contains more cupcake decorating supplies than spices) was next. I again had to be honest with myself and ask myself questions like "Why am I keeping this? Am I ever going to use this? and; Could it go somewhere else?". Here are the spice rack's before and after photos:

While de-cluttering the kitchen cupboards, I had come across some rose scented candles. I thought it would be a nice idea to light them for the house to smell nice, and also to keep me motivated in this monotonous task of cleaning and de-cluttering... About a minute later, I looked up to see that the candles had been blown out! ... That was weird. They were new, so maybe the wicks weren't long enough or something? ... Without thinking too much about it, I lit them again and got back to work.

Then I discovered what had really happened... Within seconds of me re-lighting them, Jonathan comes wandering closer, singing what seemed to sound like 2-year-old-speak for "Happy Birthday to you", and then he blows them out! I was too amused by this I laughed and gave him a giant cuddle explaining to him that he was so funny! ... I lit the candles for the third time and moved them to the very middle of the bench where Jonathan's breath could not reach :)

15. Kitchen drawers.
Utensils are the worst for moving their position in their drawer, and always inviting utensil friends over to stay, so that suddenly the drawer bursts open and you can't get it shut again (or it doesn't even open because items get caught on the drawer above it)... Do I even use all of these utensils? I moved all the cookie cutters (there were 7 in this drawer) to their actual place in the baking cupboard :) Seriously, though (even though it still looks untidy), I can now see everything and the drawer closes without the need to shuffle things around and force it closed! Before and after photos:

18. Fridge.
My dog always loves when I clean out the fridge... Whenever I do, though, I almost always ask the exact same questions: Why do I have 3 onion/tomato halves all wrapped up? How old is that avocado? Why is there two packets of half finished mozarella cheese? And why do we have yoghurt that went off last month? Wow... It definitely was time for a big clean out! Sadly, my fridge always looks so empty when I clean it out... Hmm.. That tomato paste that just sits there in between uses has probably been there a bit too long! *chuck*

Pantry will have to wait, now, because (surprise, surprise) I need a change of scenery again! That's 5 areas (despite them being out of original order) crossed off in 2 days... Yay. I'm hoping this will give me extra time to focus on the pantry, laundry and especially the shed! I have already taken 'before' photos in anticipation of its finished and de-cluttered amazingness :)

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