Monday, 24 September 2012

A hungry little butter-pillar...

Each year in the September school holidays, Ropes Crossing Church runs a week-long program to entertain school kids in the first week of the holidays. I was involved as one of the main helpers last year, around the theme of 'Who's the King?'. Our crazy minister dressed up as Tarzan, King Kong, a lion, and Elvis during the week, and it was so much fun! Even preparing was lots of fun, coming up with games and crafts and themed foods for each day.

Well, a whole year has gone by and it's the September school holidays again! This year, I was made responsible for Morning Tea Craft, and Craft. And because this year I have a blog, I will be sharing the creative things I've planned for the children to make, create, and eat this week at our 4FAMILIES School Holiday Program :)

The theme for this year is Magic.

MONDAY - The Magic of Creation (God's Power to Create)

I thought what I'd planned for today was pretty 'magical' (divine is a better word, but sticking with the theme, people). A tadpole turns into a frog; a caterpillar turns into a butterfly! Magic! :)

Well, I came up with some craft and morning tea craft ideas around that idea anyway...

After planning and shopping and more brainstorming; cutting, gluing and changing my mind too many times to keep track of; more shopping and triple checking my lists, I had 2 bags of ingredients and supplies for Monday's Morning tea craft & Craft.

Morning tea craft was Butterfly Biscuits! Ingredients included arrowroot biscuits, chocolate icing, freckles, glo worms, sugar straps, smarties and malteasers... More than 40 kids made these, and I think they loved it! Chocolate and sugar is usually a winner with, well, anyone? I had sooo many chocolate icing packets in my pantry (collecting them from packet mixes I didn't use the icing for because I made my own) - so what better use for them than this! Did I come up with this idea because of all the chocolate icing I had in my cupboard? Who knows.

I also made an instruction sheet to hang up for the kids to refer to; but really - the kids could have put the chocolate and sugar lollies on in whatever order they wanted... As a bonus, there were plenty of ingredients left over for some of the leaders to make butterfly biscuits as well! Yessss. Chocolate and sugar for everyone!
Here's my two making and eating their butterfly biscuits:

To add to morning tea, I made and brought some 'snap-lock-bag-peg-butterfly-things' (original, I know). The idea came from a Pintrest post that I had seen on Facebook, which I thought was really clever and groovy! Mine are modified butterflies, because I didn't want to paint them, or have time to attach antennae on 50 peg butterflies! But they were too cute not to make for today :)

Craft today was a caterpillar. My original idea was to use egg cartons for the caterpillars' bodies, but then I had the idea with paper folded to make streamers! How crazy would that be! The caterpillar could move and wobble about on the green cardboard leaf outlines that I had also made in advance. I think I'm pretty capable at drawing basic leaf outlines now!

This was my caterpillar & leaf craft that I used to demonstrate:

And here's my two with their caterpillars! One child had cut their leaf out - which didn't actually cross my mind as something to do, but actually looked really great! So others decided to do that as well! I also (since making my demo craft) found some giant craft eyes that a few children used for their caterpillar's eyes, while others preferred to colour them in.

There were some really amazingly creative caterpillars made! It was lots of fun, and all the kids did a fantastic job with making their caterpillars. There certainly were lots of wobbly insects on cardboard leaves that went home today! :)

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If you would like to see more photos of today's Magic, please visit Ropes Crossing Church's Facebook page. There's still 4 more days of creativeness and magic, so if you are local to Ropes Crossing, why not come and join us! :)

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