Saturday, 15 September 2012

A weekend full of bubbly goodness!

Bubble: n.
1. a small globule of gas in a thin liquid envelope
2. anything that lacks firmness, substance, or permanence; an illusion

My son was desperate to try his new bubble rocket that I had bought for him (probably for Christmas) and had clearly not hidden that well (on top of the box in our wardrobe, uncovered, for all who go in there to see). There is only so long you can keep repeating the word 'soon' to a 9-year-old.

So this week, I had one of those rare days that I was completely calm and at peace with the world (like, for the whole day). I was pleased with what I had achieved, and not at all anxious or uptight in the afternoon, just wanting to be in my own personal space without any interruptions or changes in the 'routine' that cause unwanted and sudden stress...

Ben asked to use the rocket in the front yard (which meant that I would need to physically go outside to supervise, rather than just watch from the kitchen bench while I do other things)... His reason being: incase Deefa ate the rocket. A fair point. I agreed, grabbed my phone and away we went.

Because of my unusual calmness this day, I thought "why not bring Deefa out the front, too? I can get a ball and play fetch with him while the kids play with the bubbles." So I opened the back door and shooom, away he went, racing through the house and out the front door.

To distract him from the kids and bubbles, I threw the ball up the road (honestly, not that far, but far enough that I thought he would at least humour me by chasing it and bringing it back)...

But he was more interested in the bubbles! It didn't take long before Ben was inviting the neighbours to come and play, as they both have friends on our street. Usually I would think "No, no, just leave everyone alone, and we'll just do our own thing", but that day thought "Sure, why not." It also gave Jonathan a rare opportunity to try the new toy.

A couple of children, a dog, and playing with bubbles in the front yard soon turned into 6 kids racing through the house to play on the trampoline... So the party moved to the back yard, and I was absolutely loving it.

Deefa kept going absolutely crazy for these bubbles! I watched him jump in the air, twist around and even fall on his bum, just to catch those bubbles!

He was so patient waiting for more bubble mixture to be poured, and for the rocket to be prepared for launching. You could see the anticipation in Deefa's stance and expressions. Sometimes, I think Ben just teased him by taking what seems like forever at the time to finish this 2-step process...

It is the funniest thing to watch, though... Like, ever.

This weekend, we brought the bubbles out again so my husband could see how crazy Deefa goes over these globules of gas enveloped in thin (dishwashing) liquid.

And then it happened...

I took the perfect photo.

My family, on a weekend, laughing and playing together. Ben in goggles.

And my dog - stance of a professional diver, mid-air, mouth wide open, about to eat another bubble...

"Did I get it? Did I get it?
Hey, where'd it go?"

I don't feel so guilty anymore not taking him for a walk this week...

Catching bubbles is totally great exercise!

Not for me, though... I sit down, with my phone on camera, waiting for opportunities to capture awesome moments just like this :)

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  1. Amazing photo! I'm sure there's a competition somewhere you could enter it in. Brilliant. :)