Friday, 21 September 2012

Aaaah Choo!

I helped my children get ready for school this week, making their sandwiches so that they didn't have to, and making sure their hats and water bottles were close by for easy access... This is rare, as they usually need to do all of this by themselves (not that I'm incapable, but my laziness of a morning teaches them independance).

... I then felt it come - a sneeze!

I moved away from the food, leant over, and... Ah, ah, ah... CHOOO!

A relief for that to be over (and as I was hunched over with an arm over my face), I looked up to see my two year old looking suddenly quite concerned for me...

As I stared at him for a few seconds, expecting him to say "Bless you" (as one would usually do whenever someone near them sneezes, and what I thought by now he'd learnt to say to someone), he looks at me and says "Good job."

I could not help but laugh out loud at his response!

The morning carried on, we finished getting ready for school, and with school bags packed, helmets on, and bikes at the ready - we left for school...

On our way back home, as Jonathan was 'getting tired', I picked him up onto my shoulders, so I could carry him (along with the helmet and tricycle he decided he no longer wanted to ride - awkward).

Two minutes into this new height in life, being able to see much more than he usually can, he SNEEZES ONTO MY HAIR... !!

"Thanks, mate... Good job"

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