Friday, 28 September 2012

The (almost) end to the Magic!

Well, it's been a fantastic week, filled with fun games, yummy food, tricky crafts, and enthusiastic children eager to come back for more! Today, Ropes Crossing Church's week-long program for kids (4FAMILIES) came to an end... And what better way to end a great week than with fairy wings, dragon capes, bright green afros, polka-dot pants, a super quiz, and chocolate!!

Morning tea craft today was magic wafer wands. These were wafer sticks, dipped in icing (originally my intention was melted chocolate, but after much thought, there wouldn't have been a way to keep the chocolate melted without it being potentially dangerous, so chocolate icing was suggested, and it actually worked out really well). Once the tips of the wafer sticks were dipped in the icing, the children had the choice to roll it in sprinkles. I liked the way the wafers were set up today (already in the icing), so took a photo:

I was very excited to be able to make my own magic wafer wand :)

Looks a bit like a giant mutated match stick, though..

Craft today included magic wands and bookmarks with the memory verse on them. A nice and simple task, with some cutting, colouring and sticking. A nice, quiet final craft, which once it was announced that it would be the last craft, there were many "ohhhh"s. I'm glad they've been enjoying them!!

Tamara with her crafts
Ben said that he made this for me :)

Of course, there were children who took the basic instructions, and designed something amazing and I am (again) blown away by the creativity shown! Here's a double star magic wand:

Because it was the last day today (and from experience with kids parties, Bingo is definitely a winner), I created some Magic themed Bingo cards. This was time consuming, but so worth that time and effort! The most time consuming was making sure no two cards were the same! Here's what one of the Bingo cards looked like so you get the idea of the fun that was had... Especially when the 'counters' were M n Ms!

God has been so so gracious to our church this week, providing us with many keen and confident leaders; with lots of children to come for the fun; and just enough sleep to get us through the week!

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I am looking forward to next year's 4FAMILIES School Holiday Program, but while I wait, I'm excited to announce that this Sunday, a real magician is coming to church! And I'll be making some magic-themed cupcakes for dessert! :)

Nothing in all creation can separate us from God's love for us
in Jesus Christ our Lord.
Romans 8:39b

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