Friday, 7 September 2012

A magical wish...

One day, as I was walking with my children to school, this is what was said:

Tamara: "I wish Peter Pan was real. Then we could fly around all day."

Me: "That would be pretty cool. What would your happy thoughts be?"

Simultaneously, my children answered that question, but with very different answers...

Tamara: "It would be all my family and friends together, sitting under a rainbow having a picnic, with horses that we can ride. Oh, and there will be carriages that all of my friends' families can ride in, and the horses will pull them along. And for the picnic can have fruit, and jelly, and ice cream."

Ben: "Video games."

I could not help but giggle at these two completely opposite responses to the same question. I am thankful that God intentionally made us all different, including all of my children. That is my happy thought...

And chocolate that I don't have to share :)

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  1. Lovely. This post made me smile. Thanks for writing it.